Lake Erie
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A Book That Tells the History of Lake Erie,
Its Cities, Its Towns, Its People



Thirteen million people live within a few miles of Lake Erie. It is the lake that brought them here in the first place, and it is the lake that keeps them here. Lake Erie is home to water and food, transportation, industry and recreation.

Many who live there know little about its opposite side. On the American side, quaint towns, lush farmland and attractions dot the shoreline between major industrial cities. The quieter Canadian side, with its small villages, is rich in history and showcases the beauty of this Great Lake.

Tom Langmyer's Lake Erie: History and Views combines flowing narration, factual summaries, photography, maps and antique postcards to tell the story of this vast inland sea. Starting with the Ice Age, the book chronicles its discovery, battles for its control, settlement, development and population growth along its shores. Cities and towns around Lake Erie are highlighted and readers take a trip aboard the Walter J. McCarthy Jr., a 1,000-foot lakeboat.

Lake Erie is often ignored or forgotten but her story brings this natural wonder to center stage, for she is the star of the region.

Lake Erie: History and Views
Lake Erie map and photos

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